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As a member of the Miami-Dade Legal Support Association, many benefits are available to you.

Continuing Legal Education
As part of our focus on continuing legal education, we hold bi-monthly dinner meetings where prominent guests speak on interesting legal topics. We conduct at least one legal education seminar each year where lecturers educate our members on various areas of law. We also regularly publish a legal education articles and updates for the benefit of our members in the MDLSA News section.

Another significant benefit of membership in our Association is the opportunity to network with fellow members. A roster is available in the Members section with each member’s name, address, telephone numbers, place of employment, and specialty area of law. If an association member is in need of a form or is unfamiliar with a particular area of law, other members are available to help. Our members can also call upon FALSS members around the state on procedures or services in other counties.

FALSS Membership Benefits
Additional benefits are available as a member of our state Association-FALSS. Individual local chapters throughout the state host seminars in conjunction with FALSS Quarterly Meetings and are open to all FALSS members. Each seminar offers CLE credits towards Florida Registered Paralegal certification. FALSS also offers Board Certification programs, recognized by The Florida Bar. The purpose of the program is to identify legal support specialists who have special knowledge, skills, and proficiency in specialized areas of law. FALSS members also receive a quarterly publication, the "Legal Support Journal”, which contains seminar information, legal education articles and more. Learn more

MDLSA members seek to be professionals in their field. Our members can learn of employment opportunities. They feel good about themselves and the career they have chosen. We look forward to getting together each month to share our experiences, expand our knowledge, and have the opportunity to make some wonderful friends.

If your are interested in becoming a member of MDLSA, click here to submit your membership application.

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Code of Ethics

Members of the Miami-Dade Legal Support Association are bound by the objectives of this association and the standards of conduct required of the legal profession. Every member shall:

Encourage respect for the law and the administration of justice.

Observe the rules governing privileged communication and confidential information.

Promote and exemplify high standards of loyalty, cooperation, and courtesy.

Perform all duties of the profession with integrity and competence

Pursue a high order of professional attainment.

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